Sell Your Antique

Kuttner Antiques will offer to directly purchase your antique or sell them on consignment. Whatever suits your needs, we’re here to help you find the righteous owner for your antique if you are selling it for whatever reason.

Direct Sale

We are lovers of antiques, so we always love to have an opportunity to evaluate an item any time! If you have an antique item, we will be very glad to take a look at it to see if it meets our criteria. Don’t worry, we have a 90% approval rate!

If you want to sell items to us, please follow the following steps:

  1. Take a picture of the item. From the front, sides, and back. Then, one close up and one far away shots of the front and back of the item, if applicable.
  2. If possible also take a video of the item, showcasing the front, back, sides and top (also the bottom if applicable) of the item in a well-lit environment.
  3. Give a description of the item such as its place of origin, a brief history, how it came to your possession, etc. If possible, try to add as many additional details such as the following:
    • If it is a painting, who was the painter and the year it was painted.
    • If it is a sculpture, who was the sculptor and when was it created.
  4. Send us an e-mail using our contact form with the subject “I Want to Sell an Antique Item”.
    • Attach the pictures and write the detailed description in the body.
    • Include your full name, address and contact number so we can follow up.

Once the procedure is over, one of our representatives will contact you and might ask you to bring the items to us for further inspection, or, if it’s a large or bulky item or set of items, have one of our professional appraisers visit you for us to see and inspect the item firsthand.

Consignment Sale

We also offer consignment arrangement for qualifying items. Contact us for more details about the consignment sale and approval process.

Why Us?

Are you wondering why you should choose us for consignment sale of your valuable antique and not others? There are several reasons as to why.

  1. Our commission rates are lower compared to others. Depending on the item, we can charge for as low as 5% commission rate. We also have the option where you name your price and we add a certain percentage to it as our profit and we only add up to 10% to your price depending on the item.
  2. We treat your items as if it’s our own. We sell it like if it’s our own. You know full well that your item is in good hands and that it’s being offered to potential buyers the way you would offer it to them yourself (sometimes even beyond that). We’re not just sellers, we’re passionate about antique collections.
  3. We feature your item(s) in our product catalog in a professionally photographed manner. We’ll also craft a detailed description of your item to attract prospects. We have an in-house team of professional graphic designers, photographers, and writers working diligently to make your item stand out.
  4. We utilize SEM, email marketing and other modern advertising and marketing strategies to make sure that your item can reach its perfect owner as soon as possible.
  5. We help you with any issues that your sale may face. If the buyer wants to return the item or changed their mind, we will make sure to handle it accordingly. Fact: we do not accept “change of mind” reasons when returning items. We’ll save you the headache of having to deal with feisty buyers by ensuring that all of them are serious and genuine.
  6. There is no fee at all. Bring your items to us, we appraise it and if approved, we’ll place it in the best area of our store and catalog and we’ll make sure that it remains in perfect condition until it’s bought.

Are you ready to sell your antiques to us or with us? Contact us today for more information!